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My daughter just adores Music Together®. She sings the songs in the car, and they have even become a part of her nighttime routine. At night, she asks us to sing "There's a Little Wheel A'turning" and requests that we dance during the "dancer" part (with her and her animals). She then has us sing the "Goodbye" song and requests that we say goodbye to all of her family members, friends, and stuffed animals. Then, when we sing her some other songs before bed, she uses her pacifiers in her crib to make a beat for the song while singing along. We all just love Music Together!

Germantown Mom

I began attending Music together classes with my daughter when she was three month's old as a way to introduce her to music and to bond with her while also providing an opportunity to meet other new parents in the community. Since then the class has become so much more, it is the highlight of our week! As I began to learn the new songs, then about the styles of learning and tone and pitch, it opened my mind and heart to the joy of singing. The music together platform is a wonderful way to connect with her whether it be in class, at home, or in the car. I enjoy seeing her develop with each semester as she becomes more aware of how enjoyable it is to make music, dance, play an instrument or be silly. We all need play and Music Together does just that, for every age.  

Rebecca S.

My son and I started taking the babies' class with Miranda Haydn when he was 10 weeks old. At the beginning, I felt like the class was mostly for me: it gave me the chance to take my son out of the house, to meet other parents with young children, and to learn about what I could do to help stimulate my child's musical development. Soon, however, it became as appealing to him as to me, and he started to respond to the music and to the stimulation of being surrounded by other children near his developmental level. He began kicking his legs in excitement, watching the older babies play instruments, and smiling in response to dancing parents. By the last session, he was even able to vocalize his interest in what was going on around him: he called out a response in the key of the song! Another sign that my son was learning throughout the course was that he would stay awake--wide-eyed and observant--for each class and then nap deeply afterward. It was clear that the exercises were well designed for his age, that they stimulated him a lot, and that he was comfortable in the climate that Miranda created. I would heartily recommend this course for anyone with a baby, but especially to those who have just had their first child and are looking for an educational experience to share with them.

A mother in Saugerties

The variety of music my children get exposed to at Music Together has enhanced their musical growth in so many ways. Music Together songs are integrated into our lives. Every single day, throughout the day, my 2 1/2 year old daughter will pick out a word in our conversation and sing one of her Music Together songs containing that word. She started Music Together at age 11 months, and after two years still adores it! Her baby sister started accompanying us to classes at 4 weeks of age, and now at 6 months will stop fussing if I play the "Hello Song". This is a wonderful program!

Rhinebeck, New York

We have been in class for two years.  Now our boy is singing Over the Rainbow, more and more in tune every week.   He has always responded to music and has always wanted to sing with us.  We will keep enrolling him in class even after he has done all the song collections because the ones he did earlier in his life will be like a whole new experience for him now that he is older and so much more capable of participating.

Bearsville, NY

We went on vacation and by the pool they had a band in the late morning - everyone was amazed and amused when our little boy consistently got up and danced around and clapped as soon as he heard the music playing, despite being the only one of our 18 family members to do so. I must add this also happened in the elevators which were piped with music - very sweet and funny for us all. I am glad he is so happy and comfortable musically.

Rhinebeck, New York


I knew Leo was connecting with the Bells collection several months ago while we were in class during the winter, but it became completely apparent just how deeply he embodied those songs when we revisisted the tunes recently.  He even did the gesturing that went along with a couple of songs, which he didn't really do too much during the winter term.  It was pretty amazing.  It's also great to see just how much he loves the music in that series, which, again, is more apparent now than it was then.             


Duncan Heywood


I love the bells collection, and so does Ewan. He will just start singing the songs randomly while he is playing with his toys, taking a bath, or when he is "cooking" etc. He is really getting into dancing too. Tonight he added a new arm movement to his dance style! He has really taken an interest to instruments, and talks about who has a guitar in his life. Ewan was shy in class at first, but I appreciated the literature and your suggestion that this behavior might be a phase he will grow out of and then move on to a new phase.

Kingston, New York

I wish to add to all the informal testimonials I have heard fathers and mothers share at playgrounds or over coffee about the worth of Catskill Mountain Music Together. In our own case, we have seen our daughter, who had a language delay, make exponential leaps and bounds whenever we enrolled her in one of the Catskill Mountain music classes.

Now, and with no small contribution from Music Together, our small one is a fully realized little linguistic preschooler, able to express in impressively complex sentences how much she loves Music Together and what it continues to bring to her: the class truly highlights her week.

At the start of each term, my child is in a new phase of learning, one which the teachers recognize, acknowledge and nurture.

I think the teachers make an effort to understand the complexity of each child and to address the members of each group, so that each class feels as if it starts off a new musical revolution for all its children.

Please count us fans for life. As will our babbling child whom we cannot get to stop talking!

Again, words cannot express our gratitude.

Kingston, New York