Music is for everyone.  

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 “A CHILD’S VOICE” Assistance Fund


Children should be seen (dancing) AND heard (singing)! A Child's Voice assistance fund is intended to help out families who would like to be part of our program.

Our programs are created to bring out the innate musicality in all children. Music Together® is an ongoing research based program whose theoretical foundations were formed at the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, N.J. starting in 1987. Ken Guilmartin, Founder and Dr. Lili Levinowitz, Director of Research joined hands to exchange theories, thoughts and passions about creating a music program appropriate to children ages birth to five. Lili taught the first class with 5 children in it.

Twenty-five years later, Ken and Lili are still partners, but Music Together has expanded to include a Babies class for children birth to 8 months of age, and Music Together Big Kids® for children ages 5, 6 and 7, Intergenerational Classes and Outreach.

In our classes our teachers and the other adults in our class inspire singing, dancing, rhythmic and tonal play by participating and modeling the activities for the children.

Music making in early childhood supports all learning including cognitive, language development and physical development (coordination). The more we make music, the more we support these other areas of development. Music resides in the pleasure center of the brain. By making music together, we are creating joy in our classrooms and we are giving the children something to think about.

By donating to our assistance fund you are creating the possibility for a child who might not otherwise be able to come to class. Thank you for caring about that! 

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